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The Honest Kitchen Treats

So our fish craving is back and we just couldn’t resist checking our Fuzzyard pet fish, Sushi, out. 
Not in a good way in case you’re wondering.
#nowondermummynowanttogetusapethamster #nopetissafeinthishousehold
Of course, Sushi was pretty much sweating it out.
And as usual, our dearest Mummy came to his (and our tummies’) rescue by announcing that she has delectable fish treats for us.
Okay la, we shall leave you alone Sushi….for now.
What she didn’t mention, however, was that I had to put on the hideous fish head for the shoot.
Like wt….
#grumpysam #mylifesucks #itsnotthatthetreatsnonice #itsjustthatmymothersucks #mummyisdaworst
Anyway, my shitty fate aside, Mummy actually got us yummy The Honest Kitchen fish treats! 
Besides the fact that they are made using all-natural ingredients (in fact, they are single ingredient treats), they are free of artificial additives, flavour enhances and colouring.
Most importantly, they are also low in calories.
These treats are definitely a great choice for pets with sensitive stomach or food allergies and of course, pudgy little pooches.
First on the list (into our little tummies) is…
Mummy loves that these enticing treats are bite-sized and perfect for training. 
Plus, it’s handy and eco-friendly tube packaging makes it easy for owners on the go!
Mummy even took a bite and could actually taste the fish in it!
In fact, she quite liked it. She would have continue eating if we didn’t stop her!
#cheapomummytakeourtreats #howcanlikethat #eatyourownfoodcan #dontstealours #pissysam
Next on the list…
These large, dehydrated fish fillets are made with 100% wild caught haddock, a clean white fish that is naturally very low in fat. 
So, yap, these yummy crunchy chews make a healthy addition to our diets.
#whosayseatinghealthyisyucky #tastesogoodcan
Best of all, it’s soft enough for the bogay ah ma and can be easily snapped into smaller pieces.
#pecanapproved #toothlessfriendly
Oh oh oh, and it’s good for both cats and dogs!
After Mummy had a good laugh at my pissy expression (for way too long), she decided to give me a break and put the fish head on Pecan ah ma.
Even though ah ma didn’t seem to mind at all, I decided to go on a strike and refused to cooperate anymore.
#servesyourightlor #whocallyoubullyme  
Pecan’s one woman show.
#someoneeatingsnakebehind #skivingsam
Last but not least, 
These dehydrated treats are made from pure wild-caught Icelandic Catfish skin!
Not only is it an excellent source of lean protein (which is lower in fat), it is a good source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids!
We absolutely love this savoury chew stick!
And yap, it wasn’t too hard for Pecan either. 
However, Mummy isn’t very fond of the smell that lingered on our little beards after we devoured the treat.
But again, who cares. 

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