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It’s a JerHigh Party~

The awesome people from Charoen Pokphand INtertrade Singapore, the local importer of JerHigh, dropped us an email asking us if we would like to sample some treats. 
Of course, we couldn’t (and wouldn’t) say no. 
And viola~ they actually delivered, not one, but two awesome JerHigh treat hampers to us. 
One for me and one for Pecan ah ma. 
Oh boy, Christmas sure came early this year! 
Actually, this isn’t my first time trying out JerHigh treats. The last time Mummy scooted off to Bangkok without me, she came back with tons of JerHigh treats (fresh from the BKK supermarkets) to seek forgiveness. 
And of course, with my little tummy satisfied, I quickly let the fact (that she abandoned me to go on a vacay) go.
Needless to say, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to get my paws on the treats.
Well, but there’s always a BUT.
After posing for the shot, meando Mummy went ahead and packed the stash away.
For a moment, I thought that she was actually really gonna wait till it’s Christmas before she would open up the hamper for us.
#mummytortureus #howcannogiveustreats #wegaveyoumilliondollarsmilesandyougaveusnothing #lifenofair
So life goes on.. whether we like it or not.
Anyway, fast forward not one but TWO freaking weekends and we were having a camping trip in our new Wagwear tent in our pathetic living room.
What’s camping without good food?
So, we made a suggestion, why not open up a hamper for us?
Guess what, Mummy actually said okay.
We quickly headed into our tent and waited for Mummy to do her thing patiently. 
Doing our sniff test on our long awaited treats.
It was only then that we realised that we were each given SEVEN packets of treats.
Best of all, each packet represent a different flavour.
Although real chicken meat is the main ingredient in all of them, each treat is paired with a different ingredient (such as spinach, strawberry, cheese or chicken liver) to create a variety of flavours. 
Hehe, and the best part is, not only do they taste delicious, they are good for health too! 
From boosting muscle growth and healthy bones to maintaining brain functions (oooh.. good for Pecan’s increasingly senile mind), there’s even one for weight control (hehe, for my ever-growing tummy)!
Hehehe, now there’s no excuse for Daddy to cut down on my treats. 
#oneforfattysam #oneforsenileahma #unglamahmaisdroolingagain
Oh oh ..and Mummy kept commenting that the strawberry strips smelt just like her Pocky snacks. Seriously, we were so worried that she would steal them for herself.
And finally, we got our paws and jaws on some…
and we never looked back. 
A very satisfied ah ma smacking her lips.
As for me, a grinning Sam is a happy Sam.
All I can say, this had to be the best camping trip ever (even though it was in our living room -_-)!
Thanks Charoen Pokphand INtertrade Singapore for the yummy treats!!!
Oh and it’s totally Mummy’s fault for taking so long to give them to us! 
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