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Sam’s Pick: Gex Pure Crystal Bowl

So, it was just another boring weekend afternoon for us….when Mummy got all cheery and started saying that she has something just for us!
Of course, we jumped up from our lazing position and got all excited…
Fingers crossed that it’s gonna be yummy treats for our little bellies…
Mummy took out a box and started fumbling around, trying to set something up.
Maybe it’s gonna be something pretty awesome and delicious..
And so we thought.
When we were finally introduced to the item, our jaws dropped in disappointment.
Ain’t no food man.
#Mummycheatus #whynofood
Instead, it was an automated GEX Pure Crystal Bowl.
Pecan ah ma wasn’t very impressed. She obviously wasn’t happy that it wasn’t food. 
Plus, she was a little unsure of the running water.
Being the braver of the two (or so I think), I took the plunge and dived in for a sip. 
Besides, cunning Mummy removed our usual bowl and played a good game of fetch with me prior to the shoot. 
So I had no choice but to drink for this.
#mummybullyme #LL
Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. 
In fact, I actually quite like it!
Nothing beats some clean, fresh water after a good workout.
Seeing how well, it went for me, Pecan ah ma decided to go for it as well.
And she was as happy about it as I was!
Daddy wasn’t very pleased about the purchase initially.
For a start, he wasn’t very happy about having to plug it in all the time.
Not to mention that we already had our usual drinking corner that doesn’t look that bad. 
Hehe, he pretty much concluded that Mummy’s spending on useless things again. 
The truth is, while Mummy dotes on us ALOT, she is possibly one of the laziest dog owners around. Although our water bowl is hardly empty, the water inside can get quite disgusting quickly and our dearest Mummy doesn’t necessarily change our water every day.
There had been times when I had to suck it up and sip up water from a bowl filled with ah ma’s leftover crumbs and even hair!
#orhhhhhhhhhhhh #Mummyilltreatsus 
In fact, there were days where she got so lazy that she would just pour her overnight water (she always keep a mug of water beside her) into our bowl.
How can like that~
#thetragiclifeofsamandpecan  #wheregotmummylikethatone
The GEX bowl is pretty much our saviour and solution to clean drinking water!!!
Firstly, at 2.3L, it holds way more water than our 3-cup water bowl. 
Yap, it means less refill for our lazy mummy!
Secondly, it comes with a filter that removes debris, fur and dust efficiently! So it means that our water is always fresh and clean. Even if Mummy continues her terrible ways (which she has every intention to), we don’t have to worry that the water is stale. 
PS: I just saw her empty her overnight water into the bowl again this morning.
Thirdly, it costs only 20 cents a month for it. Since we’re only at home half the day, it’s only just a dime a month! Our stingy Daddy’s face actually relaxed a fair bit when Mummy mentioned this to him.
Lastly, it’s really pretty dog-friendly! Apparently, the GEX bowl was designed with how dogs drink in mind. Thus, it was super easy for us to scoop up the water we wanna drink with our cute little tongues without making a pool of mess! 
Plus, it comes with a cable protector to prevent mouthy dogs from damaging the cable. Not that it matters to me and Pecan la. I mean who in the right mind would wanna eat something so nasty~
 Seeing how much we preferred the GEX bowl over our old corner, Daddy eventually understood and stopped grumbling about it.
So much so that he even helped us switch it on when we get home when Mummy forgets to!
Not too bad an investment I must say. 
Hehe, we really enjoyed having clean, fresh water whenever we’re home. Based on the water level, it does seem like we’ve been drinking more than we used to. 
Although that means more toilet breaks (hehehe, too bad for you, lazy Mummy), it also means that we’re definitely staying hydrated too!
We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Mummy doesn’t get too lazy and forget to change the filter after one month….


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi! We have been contemplating on getting them an automated water bowl as well but our biggest concern is them toppling it over. Is this one heavy? I know of the drinkwell fountain but that one doesn't look as sturdy as this one.


  2. Anonymous says

    You guys…. mine is just a crummy bowl on the floor… you complain to much. HAHA!!!


  3. It's pretty heavy when you fill it to the max capacity. We don't have an issue with knocking it over. Hehe, plus, it's a lot cheaper than the Drinkwell. (it's about $45) Hope it works out for you!


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