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Do Re Mi….

Loo Lim Number 3, Bella!
And so you think..
#yougotpunked #iamNOTsharingmyspacewithyetanotheroldlady
We came across this adorable sweetheart when we popped by the Howlistic Life showroom to stock up on our Dear Deer kneecaps.
Little Bella belongs to Auntie Pauline (the owner) and like us, is a Rough Coat JRT!
And boy, was Mummy captivated. 
Firstly, cutie Bella looks just like a combination of me and Pecan ah ma – she has my face and Pecan’s body!
And secondly, her temperament is amazing. 
Although she is 11 years old (the same age of ah ma), she is calm and chill. Nothing like the crazy old granny we have at home.
It’s no wonder Mummy was falling in love with her and kept offering to take her home. Of course, she had her ‘Crazy Dog lady’ face and voice on….
Hello~~ we are still here yo~
She really does look like ah ma! And for a moment, Mummy thought that she actually found Pecan’s long lost sibling (since they are of the same age) and was really disappointed to learn that they were born in different months.
Bella is a January baby and Ah Ma September.
But again, who could resist these three cuties staring at you?
Now, we totally can understand why Mummy had the urge to grab Bella and run.
See the resemblance in our sulky faces!
Hehehehehe… I am still the tallest!
Bella hardly smiled as she was more concerned about Auntie Pauline who stepped out to grab more Dear Deer for us (Mummy actually bought TEN packets of kneecap).
We decided to join her to keep a lookout for her owner.
Too bad for Mummy (and heng for me and Daddy), Auntie Pauline adores Bella and has zero intentions to let her go.
So, nope. Bella is not up for adoption and nope, Mummy isn’t bringing her home.
But seeing how well we behaved, Auntie Pauline extended an open invite for us to drop by anytime to play with Bella.
On a side note, besides doing great in the presence of Bella, Pecan ah ma actually made friends with all the other resident dogs there too.
Can you spot them in the background??
Hint: There are FOUR!


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