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Guess the paw…

We know that one reason why Mummy and Daddy decided to adopt Pecan ah ma was because she is a striking resemblance to me.
That being said, it’s still as easy as ABC to tell us apart. 
I mean, I am of course the more handsome fat and cute on of the two. 
#Iamnotfat #Iamjustbigboned

That being said, if you isolate one part of us and try it tell us apart, it may not be as easy as you think.
Don’t believe me?
Let’s play a game of…
Hehe, take a look at the two paws and make a guess which one belongs to me….
Is it this…
Ha ha ha..
Challenging huh?
Are you ready for the answer?
Drum rolls………..
If you guessed A
It belongs to…
this dead dog!
Yap… it’s Sam i am!
And that’s my adorable paw!
So obviously, Pecan ah ma…is B!
PS: Can you spot the other dead dog in the corner?
#camouflagesam #theunglamahma
Yap, it’s hard to believe it, but the old lady does have her unladylike moments, a lot.
Although Pecan is predominantly white in color, quite a few of her nails are actually black! (Mine is completely white)
That’s one easy way to tell our paws apart!
Interesting isn’t it?


  1. i guessed right because 1) i know sam's paws are entirely white and 2) only ah ma has such messy hair on her paws hahaha


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