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Sibling Love…

The relationship between me and Pecan ah ma has come a long, long way. 
From arch enemies to tolerant housemates to loving siblings.
From frequent fights, to occasional squabbles, to ganging up against Mummy together.
Most importantly, we’ve even learnt how to play properly.
While most of the time we wrestle to crawl on top of each other, there are a couple of rare occasions where we just spend sometime showing some sibling love.
Mummy: “Awwwwwww… so sweet. Give her a kiss, Sam?”

With my eyes on the treats Mummy is waving, I decided to give Pecan ah ma a kiss.
Worst decision of my life.
Because ah ma has bad bad BAD breath.
#pecanahma’sbreathcankillone #smellslikerotteneggs #NOTIMPRESSED
I nearly died man….
(*with eyes looking at the treat*)  
Since we’re siblings, I really do not mind.
Here goes…
Touched by my gesture, Pecan ah ma decides to return my favor and gave me a kiss too!
I swear that Mummy was in tears after witnessing this heartwarming moment.
Okay, I exaggerate. 
But seeing her grin from ear to ear, I’m pretty sure we made her very happy today. 


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