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Our pet monkeys!

Both me and Pecan ah ma have a fondness for a certain animal – Primates!
So, knowing that, Mummy decided to buy each of us a pet monkey toy! 
Hee, but although we are siblings, we do have very contrasting taste in the types of toys we desire. 
Can you tell which is mine and which is ah ma’s?
If you’ve been following ah ma’s obsession, it will be an easy breezy guess.
Yap, Santa, the latex monkey toy, is Pecan’s while Mon-Mon, the stuffie is mine!
Pecan ah ma is really mean to her toys. 
Not only does she lick them with her stinky sweet saliva (*shrugs*), she even steps on them!
I certainly wouldn’t wanna be him!
I treat my toys wayyyy better.
I usually just hold Mon-Mon in my mouth, shake the hell out of him and tear him apart little by little (I always start with the ears), I mean, play with him.
See I so nice nor?
#Samisnicetohistoys #whatadarling
The truth is… this is my Nth Mon-Mon…
Many before him ended up…like…
On the other hand, Pecan’s still on her very first Santa (After more than half a year). Best of all, it still squeaks!
Well, I guess it’s just different play style. Yeah?
At least my current Mon-Mon is still smiling for the camera hor. (Cos’ he doesn’t know what’s in store for him. WAHAHAHHAHAHAH) 
Pecan ah ma’s monkey? So resigned that it has zero expression. 
So poor thing!
Mummy’s note: To be honest, Sam is a stuffie-killer. A super effective one. Most of the toys I get wouldn’t last him five minutes. The Kong toys, on the other hand, could last him up to as long as a week. So I guess it’s still worth the investment. I just feel a tiny weeny bad for bringing yet another toy to be slaughtered by the fatty. 
RIP Mon-Mon(S)….


  1. Anonymous says

    That latex monkey doesn't look chewable XD Why is Ah Ma so happy with a zombie monkey???


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