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Since it’s crunch time at work (it happens once every two months), Mummy’s suffering from a mental block for things for me to blog about. She was scooping around the house looking for some inspiration when she came across her favorite lion mane wig
*Horrified look* Nooooo….. 
But since I’ve already posed with it, there’s nothing novel about me wearing in.
Hee, so no surprises who had to take the fall to entertain Mummy…
introducing Pee-Kee the Lion!
Lucky for Mummy, Pee-Kee is one happy lion!
All smiles and pleased with her new hairdo.
Then of course, stupid Mummy just had to do a comparison shot.
My life sucks.
Sammo the grumpy lion.
To be honest, I think Sammo the grumpy lion is wayyy more convincing than Pee-kee. 
Check this out man!
I was quite surprised that I looked so…’lion’ here.
Must be those slit eyes.
Anyway, Mummy convinced me that if I put on a smile I would get some treats. 
So I squeezed out one just for the treats her.
Hm, I still prefer my grumpy look.
Oh well.
Let’s hope Mummy’s next inspiration isn’t so crappy. 


  1. That lion wig is very cute. I have a white one ! I will have to take some more pics of the doggies wearing it.


  2. omg pecan looks like an ahjumma (auntie) while sam looks like ahjushi (uncle)….and sam, dont worry, I gave your mum a crappy idea at Daiso today..hahahaha


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