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Jager and I!

One of my favourite friends in Singapore is… 
I’m so fond of him that I would run up to him and shower him with kisses the moment we meet.
And of course, roll over my back too.
In fact, we play so much that our parents kept joking that we are a couple!
One of my little known quirks is that I’ve a tendency to snap at bigger dogs who step on me accidentally. 
But somehow, Jager, despite being almost four times my size, is such a gentle giant that Mummy never once had to worry that we would end up in a squabble.
Although we have known each other for almost a year now, this is probably the first few good photos of us!
Hehe, stupid Mummy actually said that we looked like we are shooting our bridal shots (Jager is the groom in tux while I’m the bride in white). 
Like wtf… 

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