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Simple happiness..

The simple joys in life do not always cost a lot. 
While it’s undeniable that Mummy does spend ALOT on pampering us (and she can get brand cautious at times), not all our toys cost a bomb. 
Following her ikea toy spree, Mummy brought home yet another cheap find from Tai Sing today – stuffed ball toys!!!
She bought a total of six balls for just $4.90! 
That’s less than a dollar each! 
Actually, these toys are meant for kids. It wasn’t too much of a concern as what is safe for young children should be more or less safe for us.
Besides, Mummy kept a close eye to prevent Sam, the toy destroyer us for spoiling them prematurely.
Best of all, each toy comes with a bell and that just drove us crazy~~
Hence, playing fetch with it was awesome!
We had our own, until Pecan decided that mine was better. 
Boooo~ so I had no choice but to swap with her. 
Nonetheless, we were of course, all smiles!
Thanks Mummy for the great buy!


  1. They look great fun! I've never tried giving Dina a bell toy but I bet she would go crazy as well.Dina Mom


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