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Our new bed

It’s bad enough [for daddy] that Mummy’s office is located at an industrial area since there are tons of warehouse sales happening in the vicinity. 
It’s even worse when it’s a lifestyle furniture store (Egg3) having one. (Yes, Mummy is a sucker for home furnishing)
Unlike Daddy, we are always happy when Mummy brings home new stuff she bought as more often than not, they are for US!
Obviously in Mummy’s dictionary, there is no such thing as “too many beds” and we are pretty aware of her addiction. Hence, we weren’t overly surprised when she purchased a floor cushion that doubles up as a bed for us! (I swear Daddy let out a sigh when he saw it. HAHAHA)
Thank you Mummy for my new bed!
Just when I was enjoying and relaxing on the comfy cushion, Pecan ah-ma crawled up sneakily beside me and settled down.
That’s when reality stuck. My only child days are over. 
Well, at least Pecan ah-ma seems to like the new bed as well.
Since she’s happy, I’m more than glad to share too!
*Angelic smile*
Okay, okay… Fine, I admit
Mummy did promise to give me more treats for being a good boy!

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