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A piece of me.. on the FRIDGE!

A package arrived for Mummy today. 
As usual, I get the first sniff.
Wondering what was it in?
My very own… FRIDGE MAGNETS by Pop Doggie. Mummy previously customised a portrait of me  . Fedup with the lack of nice magnets, she decided to head back to the etsy store and using the same image, create magnets of me!
A close up.
Awesome isn’t it?
And to feed Mummy’s recent obsession with cats, she decided to get a kitty magnet too!
Pecan ah ma seems to really like them and was a little disappointed that there were none of hers.
But guess what, I heard Mummy mentioning to Daddy that she’s gonna get a portrait of Pecan done too! (Well, before Daddy could comment, Mummy walked away. And he let out a resigned sigh. HAHAHAHAHAH)
Good for you ah ma~!
Meanwhile, can you spot the magnets?
PS: Please ignore the expiry dates. The items were long gone. And yes, Mummy is that lazy.
Mummy made five and is planning to give both sides of the grandparents one each!
Two more to keep for now!

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