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Dogs’ day out – Anthesis

It’s been a while since we had a good family brunch at a new place (Don’t worry, my parents are still bringing me out on weekends, just that we have been revisiting the same few places). To welcome Pecan, as well as to have a sense of how she does outside, Mummy and Daddy brought us to a new Sam-welcomed place for a goood brunch. 
Deciding where to go was easy. Mummy chose Anthesis as it was the pet-friendly venue for the Dec/Jan issue of the magazine
Daddy parked along Kim Seng Road and we strolled over.
Introducing Anthesis!
Absolutely dog-friendly as we were even served a pink bowl with water to beat the heat.
Sigh, pink really isn’t my colour. Suits Pecan more.
My happy family! 
(Daddy’s typical sian face as usual. haha)
Service was quick and we got our food quickly.
Mummy ordered a Tuna Tataki Sandwich (which she loves, but again, anything with avocado can’t go wrong for her). 
Daddy ordered Eggs 3-way which is great for people who can’t quite decide how they like their eggs done! We were really entertained by him as he had a disaster eating the poached eggs as the yolk spilled all over the place. 
 We were pretty hopeful that there will be some yummy scraps coming our way. 
Lousy daddy finished all the bacon without giving us anything! 
We forgave Mummy as there was nothing on her plate that interest us. 
Pffff… shitty day today.
The outdoor seating was really cool and cozy (and sheltered by huge umbrellas). So, we just made ourselves comfortable lazing around. 
The crazy ah ma (aka Pecan) got pretty high and would not stop barking at dogs that were just walking by with their owners minding their own business.
Mummy and Daddy were a little embarrassed as she was disturbing the other patrons a little.

Nonetheless, we had tons of fun just sitting around, watching our parents like hawks and waiting for food to drop.
Of course, the day got better as we headed for a swim after brunch. 
Despite Pecan’s barks, Mummy and Daddy have promised to bring us out to more interesting places in future.
Looking forward to that!!!!
Mummy’s note: The Tuna Tataki Sandwich was so good. Well, anything avocado can’t go wrong for me! But that being said, the olive focaccia used (which is also baked in house) was so fresh and crisp that I just had to finish everything. (I usually leave one slice) The pairing of the avocado salsa and the tuna was perfect. The mister wasn’t as impressed with his food. Besides having a messy time eating the poached egg burger (I kinda blame him tho, it’s a guy thing), he didn’t like the sausage at all. I was less discriminating and happily finished it for him. Despite that, it was a good brunch and we would love to come back!
On a different note, we need to work on Pecan’s reactivity a little more and get her more socialised! 

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