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My origami pet dogs!

Grandma bought me a really cute book from the kids section of a bookstore – Doggie Divas Origami. Honestly, the cover of the book was too princessy and off-putting that I was a bit like ‘huh’ when I first got it (Mummy agrees). Despite the cover, we were both quite intrigued by the contents as this interesting read actually demonstrates how to fold origami dogs! 
It even provides readers with pattern paper to fold specific dog breeds. There is also a sheet of stickers for you to customise your canines. Hee, you can choose eye colours for them!
Mummy told me that I get to keep whatever I manage to fold as my pets. Hence, I was really excited and started examining the instructions right away.
 I attempted to make myself a Schnauzer. Despite my nimble paws, my first try was a total flop. 
My Schnauzer looked more like an elephant. 
Seeing how upset I was, Mummy stepped in and helped.
And I did my part as the crafting duo by providing eye support. 
After some try and error, we completed my first origami pet – Bully, the brindle Bull Terrier!
Bully is really good looking. I adore his blue eyes, pointy ears and cute white tip tail!! More importantly, he is a sweetheart and would rest quietly on my back.
Seeing how much I wanted another one, Mummy went on to make me a second pet.
Here’s Goofy, the Basset Hound. 
Sorry for the blur photo as Goofy was really active and would not stop moving!
Like Bully, little Goofy has a white cute tail. His long dopey ears and white broad chest are so adorable too. Oh oh and his eyes are yellow. 
Lucky for me, my paper pets got along just fine. 
They love to just hang out together and stick close to me. 
Hee, my furry back is their favourite hangout spot. I had to keep real still to prevent them from rolling off! 
 Proud Pet Origami Owner – one little boy on each paw!
I had a ball playing with them. But stupid Mummy had to spoil my fun (as usual) by taking them away for safekeeping. Nonetheless, I’m loving my new pets!
And yap, guess you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!
I gave Mummy a new challenge – to create an origami Sam!
Hee, too bad her crafting Xp is still low and need some time to experiment.
Keeping my fingers crossed and I can’t wait to see a paper me!

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