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I went to Dr Vanessa Lin (my vet) once again for a blood test review (I’ve had three blood tests in the last 3 months as I was high is WBC and protein level and dehydrated. My WBC count returned to normal after one month but protein level remained consistently high). 
The good news? I am officially given the bill of health! Yes, my protein level is finally normal!
Just when I was basking in joy….
this happened.
Yes. I am ringless. My gorgeous brown markings are gone (for now). 
*Bursts into tears*
Mummy noticed that I was scooting a lot and kept nipping at my butt area. She initially thought that I just needed my anal glands expressed. However, when she finally took a closer look, she was appalled to find that the bottom of my tail (nearest to my cute little tight butt) was sore from my incessant chewing. 
Dr Lin wasn’t very pleased about it either and decided to shave me down to examine it further. 
Thankfully, the area was small and concentrated and I was sent home with some antibiotics, a cream and…
yes, the cone of shame.
*Thunder and lightning*
I’m officially Sam, the depressed dog.
This cone is hideous. People with dogs avoid me like a plague (they must think I’ve some incurable disease) and mummy wouldn’t stop laughing at how clumsy I am. 
Life suckssssss…
Make it better please, Mummy?
Seeing how miserable I was, Mummy suddenly had an idea on how to cheer me up. 
She took off the shameful cone and whipped out my lion mare.
YES! This is brilliant! From a different angle, my shaved tail actually resembles that of a lion!
Why did I not think of that?!
So yes, I am officially a legit lion!
Isn’t this just so appropriate??
Guess I’ll remain as a Samlion till my gorgeous tail grows back.
Thank you Mummy!!!


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