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Dog Hash #3

We went for our 3rd hash experience last weekend.
And it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
My ballsy parents decided to let me off leash and I did everything I could to make them regret their decision to do so. How not to when Mummy and Daddy were so freaking slow and I was way ahead of them (and almost everyone else). Yes, I did hear a crazy woman screaming her lungs out (I think she was calling for “SAM” ?), but who gives a shit when the forest is just so exciting!
How do you know if you had fun? 
See how dirty you are.
Check out my before and after. 
*Proud Grinz*
My best moment had to be when I was swimming in the long kang (canal). Believe it anot, I actually ran down that uber steep slope to get to the bottom of the drain. This is the best swim ever! Of course, one reason why I loved it was that my parents were pretty annoyed with having to chase after me as that meant that they had to get the shoes soaked.
*Wriggley dance*
Wahhahaha. Life is good~
Unfortunately, most of the group (including us) got lost and we had to turn back half way. 
But it was a decent hike nonetheless!!
Till the next one!
Mummy’s note: I could not believe that we actually came back with a dog that day. I mean that piece of shit Sam was out of my sight most of the time and I seriously thought that he was gone for good. I was shouting for him like no one’s business. (I’m pretty sure that everyone on the hash knows that there is this stupid dog called Sam and a crazy noisy owner) His recall was ZERO! Maybe I’m gonna keep him on leash the next time round. We shall see.

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