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My little Basket!

Mummy brought home a cute little basket from Egg3 a couple of days ago.
I was quite fascinated by it and could not stop checking it out.
Mummy: I’ll bring you gai gai (shopping) if you can fit in the basket!
Challenge accepted.
After some wriggling, all 6.9kg of me sat comfortably in the little wicker basket! 
I’m ready, Mummy.
Let’s go!
I kinda realised I got cheated once again when all Mummy did after I got in, was to stand there and laugh at me.
*face paw-pad* (The dog version of face-palm)
Giving Mummy the “I hate you” face.
Stupid woman…
I was stuck refused to get out and Mummy had to tilt the basket to get me out of it.
Once she did that, she revealed the real purpose of the basket – to store the stray slippers by the door!
To take revenge, I decided to photobomb!
Hey, at least I gave a happy face k.
Well, since the basket wasn’t exactly the most comfortable of traveling modes, I didn’t mind that it ended up being a shoe basket. Cos that means that I’ll have more space to laze around by the main gate.
Not bad for a new piece around the house. Even Zuny came by and joined in the fun!

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