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Mid-Autumn treats for SAM – Dog mooncakes!

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner!
Being American and having lived in NYC for a good part of my life, I know nuts about this occasion. 
Plus, why bother. 
Till I realise that….when humans celebrate this day, they do so by enjoying mooncakes.
And guess what, apparently there are doggy versions of this festive treat as well!
*Wriggly dance*

Introducing Mooncakes for Dogs, by Pawlicious Bakery!
When Mummy saw this, she knew she had to get it.. FOR ME!
With Daddy’s pocket (each cost $5.50) and my waistline in mind, she decided to get just three flavours. 
The cute dog mooncakes look every bit like the ones mummy eats! 
And I can’t wait to begin!
Pardon my ‘stone’ face. It’s just that I’m dead tired after a good afternoon swim and Mummy kept insisting on taking pictures before I could start eating.
I want to eat them and go to sleep. 
As three at a go is a tad bit much for a little dog like me, we decided to start on one flavour – Yam. 
(This happens to be Mummy’s favourite flavour, anything with yam, she will eat.)
Even the filling looks good!
Can I?
While it appeared really appetizing, I am generally a little wary of food that are cold and non-chewy, so it took mummy a little coaxing to get me to start.
And once I started, I could not be stopped.
Within minutes, I was licking the place clean.
With my ‘stone’ face, I attempted to beg for a second mooncake. 
Unfortunately for me, it didn’t make the cut and I was denied more.
What a letdown. Oh well, I’ll go zzz instead.
Anyway, on a side note, apparently the bakery also does cakes for dogs too! And I’m hearing whispers that Mummy would like to get one for me on my next birthday! 
(OMG OMG OMG! Praying for January to arrive!!)

Mummy’s note: Mental note to self; no photoshoot after a swim. A stone-face dog is just… blah. Okay, back to the mooncake. The yam mooncake tasted quite good! It’s almost every bit as nice as the snow skin ones I normally eat. Of course, it was not sweet (but some of the ones for humans are overly sweet) and that kinda worked for me. Plus, the yam taste was really rich too! No wonder the little rascal enjoyed it! And yap, I’m seriously considering getting a cake for Sam from here! We shall see..


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