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The Green Mini Interactive Feeder!

Mummy brought home an interesting product recently. 
I was quite fascinated by it and couldn’t quite figure out what it was exactly.
It’s a toy… NO!
it’s a bowl… NO!
It’s a……
This specially designed feeder is shaped just like at tuft of grass (it consists of 32 grass-like blades). Besides acting as obstacles to prolong eating time, they make access to food complicated, making it challenging and possibly more interesting for the eater.
I’m far from being a fast eater. While I gobble down treats like they are the best things on earth (wait, they are!), I approach my kibbles with a lot LESS enthusiasm. In fact, it’s always a struggle to get me to start eating, let alone get me to finish my food. Hence, Mummy thought that this would be a great toy to get me slightly more interested in my food since it will make my mealtime a fun and enjoyable activity!
I’ve to admit that I was quite intrigued by it and couldn’t wait to test it out. 
Let’s see what you have up your sleeves…
It’s really simple to use – just scatter the desired portion of food (wet or dry) and let the fun begin!
Mummy wasn’t too confident that it will work and decided to entice me with a couple of really small treats. But yet she decided to up the challenge by feeding me kibbles (I feed better on wet food, though my stools don’t quite agree..). 
And you know what, Mummy’s worries were completely unnecessary. I took to the feeder immediately and happily spent the next twenty minutes (on my own) trying to find (and chew) all the kibbles!
I even took an additional five minutes licking the bowl clean. *Sheepish Grinz*
I was a little disappointed when I was finally done and tried putting on some puppy eyes hoping to get more kibbles and playtime. 
Too bad for me, I do have a waistline to maintain. So, no second servings. 
Well, at least I’ve my next meal to look forward to!
Mummy’s note: We have since used it another couple more times and it’s amazing how much Sam’s tail wagged each time I took it out and poured the kibble onto it. Even better is the precious twenty minutes during which the little rascal is so focused on his own meal! So far, cleaning is a breeze as I only used kibbles. I’m keen to try using wet food, though I am a little concerned about the potential mess. Well, at least it is dish washer safe (yes, I’ve a dishwasher), so I guess it will be just fine.
Nonetheless, I’m extremely impressed by how this feeder is able to get the little monster interested in his food! 


  1. I'm so happy you posted about this because I heard of it in a dog magazine and have pondered over it. Yet I have never heard anyone's experience of it so this was very helpful- thank you ! Like Sam, Dina approaches her bowl cautiously and, unlike Sam, eats very little.Dina Mom


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