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My (Kiddo) Agility Trial!

Mummy and Daddy woke up early one Saturday and brought me to the K9 Park at Nex! Waking up early is a challenge for lazy mummy and sammy (especially on a weekend), but to beat the notorious horrid parking at the mall, we had no choice but to reach there around 10.30am. Lucky for us, there were still some parking lots and no other dogs at the Dog Run, which means it’s all mine! (Well, at least for the half hour I was there)
We decided to try out the course to put my rusty agility skills to practise (I attended a introductory agility class in NYC when I was a year old).
First stop:  The Dog walk
This was a piece of cake, but I certainly needed some motivation. Of course, Mummy was well prepared as usual and brought one of my latex squeaky toy!
Attempt number 1 was perfect!
After a few tries, I was loving the run up the dog walk!
By the end of about five tries, I got kinda bored and decided to go on strike by standing put on the top, before sitting down eventually.
Seeing that I had enough of this obstacle, we moved on to the tunnel!
This was easy and I went through it effortlessly on the first try.
Boring~~ NEXT!
We did the invisible tunnel (which properly isn’t a legit obstacle) and I wasn’t too thrilled about it. 
Totally no challenge..
To spice things up a little, we decided to try the Hurdles!
We started small by doing the simplest and lowest hurdle. 
Easy breezy~
Seeing that I needed something more challenging, we moved on the tire jump. 
This was a little tough and it took me a few attempts, lots of encouragement and a fair amount of treats to conquer it. 
And of course, sporty me managed to master it.
The last obstacle we attempted was a higher hurdle!
This was serious fun! 
But as usual, there is nothing that I can’t do.. so off I went!
Featuring the shot-of-the-day!
(I look like a fox!)
Featuring the almost-shot…
Dang, this would have been a perfect shot!
Boo Daddy.. lousy photographer. -_-
After attempting the above obstacles, I decided to call it quits by hiding under the bench. 
Boy was I hot and tired. 
While this little kiddish agility trial session was fun, I doubt I’ll be back again. I mean parking might be challenging and the K9 park wasn’t sheltered at all (no trees). I was lucky that I was there alone, hence had the whole space to myself. But I could certainly imagine the chaos if there were many dogs here. So nay~ grassy dog runs are definitely what I prefer. 
Well, at least I’m glad my agility skills are well registered in my muscle memory. 
Sigh.. I’m just too sporty. *Grinz*

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