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Sam’s Day Out – Baker & Cook!

Yap! It’s time for Sam’s Day out!
*Wags tail*

This week’s Sam-welcomed hangout is… 
(Thanks Auntie Larissa for the great recommendation!)
There are currently two branches but we headed to the one at Hillcrest as it is nearer to home. Plus it was pretty easy getting there by car (it’s right behind my parents’ old school!). Parking was a tad bit challenging though. 

Baker & Cook is a artisan bakery and foodstore located at Greenwood shop houses. It serves a wide selection of bread and pastries. The fragrance of the dough fills the cosy little shop and I could not stop drooling at the sight of the yummy looking food!
 As usual, outdoor seatings were plentiful and though there was a queue, most of the customers were doing takeouts. Hence, there were quite a number of outdoor seats for us to choose from. My parents decided to take a little risk and chose the table that was half-sheltered but at the patio so that I could rest comfortably without blocking the walk-way even when the sky was quite overcast. Lucky for us, it didn’t rain!
 To be honest, I was quite distracted initially and it took me forever to settle down. Besides the many dogs in the houses around us barking at chatting with me, I was really confident that there must be a squirrel or two hiding in one of the many trees there.  
Grrrrrrr…. couldn’t believe that I had to be tied to a stupid chair when the surrounding was so exciting!
Though Baker & Cook is well-known for their bread, my hungry parents decided to try their All Day Brunch instead. Mummy settled for her usual – Eggs Benedict, while Daddy had the Pancake Stack. 

Yes, in case you were wondering, I did settle down eventually….
only after I realised that little pieces of salmon fell from the sky everything I laid down and smiled. 
And oh boy, were the salmon pieces yummy!
*Smack lips*
One happy pup and one happy mummy!
One happy doggy and one frowning daddy, as per normal.
Too bad for you, daddy! 
Service was fast and we were done within thirty minutes and that gave us plenty of time to head to our next destination.
All in all, it was another successful day out! Plus, I’m quite sure I gained a new fan – a little toddler was quite mesmerized by me and kept coming back wanting to say hi! to me. 

Me and my charming ways~ 
Mummy’s Note: The brunch was decent and the bill came up to $46. The eggs benedict was predictable, but the unexpected slight spiciness from the chilli oil was commendable and I kinda liked that. The pancakes were fluffy, though the Mister wasn’t impressed with the toffee sauce as it failed to satisfy his (unreasonably) sweet tooth. All in all, the food wasn’t bad, it just didn’t make us want more. While we are rather sure that we won’t be back for the All Day Brunch again, I’m pretty keen to try out their bread selection (which they are famous for of course) in future. 
Plus, I had their lemon tart on a separate occasion and it was possibly the best I have tasted. The tinge of sourness of the lemon filling with the crust was a perfect combination and every bite just left me wanting more. Damn, now I’m thinking about it as I’m typing this. -_- 
So, yes, we will be back, for the bread and pastry!

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