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The Yellow Dog Project…

The Yellow Dog Project is indeed a clever initiative. 
While Mummy is quite good and pretty attentive when walking me (always asking for permission before allowing me to approach another dog ), there have been instances where dogs would appear from a blind corner, startling both of us. Thankfully, the neighborhood dogs are usually friendly and we would end up having some fun greeting each other. However, there have been a couple of instances where we would bump into an unfriendly dog and a little argument would break out. (Growling and barking). I’m generally friendly, but can be really feisty when I come head to head with an unfriendly dog. 
That being said, if the yellow dog project is adopted here, owners with dogs who need more space, will be able to warn other people (dog owners and people alike) about their dogs from a distance,  avoiding unnecessary confrontations and thus, protecting their own dogs and other dogs. 
Another win-win situation!

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