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Made with Love…Frozen Chicken Pops!

After residing in the little red dot for the past 3.5months, I think I’m doing relatively well. I’ve mastered my singlish, made a pawful of doggy friends and visited a good number of dog friendly places. While I’m beginning to consider myself Singaporean, the only one thing that constantly bugs me (and I just cannot get over it) is…the weather. 
Yes, the horrid warm warm WARM weather. 
Summers in NYC, while warm (perhaps even warmer) were bearable as the humidity was low. Besides, summers last no more than three to four months. Before we even knew it, it was over. Unfortunately for me, both me and the heat are here to stay (Noooooooooo~) and I’ve to learn to cope with it. 
My solution? 
I lie around the house like a dead dog. 
Sad huh?
Mummy was browsing through the “You bake ’em dog biscuits cookbook” when she suddenly got excited. 
I dragged myself out of my bed to check out what’s causing her excitement.
She showed me a recipe she chanced upon and thought that it would be a brilliant solution for beating the heat… FROZEN CHICKEN POPs (p. 66)!
I took a quick glance of the recipe and guess what, it’s unbelievably easy to make. 
I certainly could make them myself (kinda)!
There are just two ingredients required – chicken broth and plain low-fat yoghurt! 
Ice cube trays are also required to make the pops.
Mummy and Daddy found two sets of adorable Wiltshire chocolate & cake silicone moulds from Giant (Vivocity). One of which is the mould of retro robots and the other is the mould of zoo buddies. 
Too cute and super appropriate for a little boy like me!
All we had to do was to mix the broth and the yoghurt together. 
Easy breezy!
Once done, we poured the mixture into the silicon moulds and carefully placed them in the freezer.
To ensure that the pops was frozen solid, mummy left them overnight. (4-5 hours should suffice actually) 
Looking good~
Mummy popped all the pops out on the tray and was pleased that all the pops formed perfectly. 
I personally preferred the retro robots (partly because they were bigger in size .. more to eat!) as they looked really cool!
To prevent them for melting, mummy quickly transferred them to a container and back in the freezer they went.
I was sizing the pops up while waiting for the ‘GO’ signal.
All hyped and excited to start licking tasting!
 Here goes….
 Oh mine…
 The pop was so delicious that I couldn’t stop smacking my lips after licking the bowl clean!
The contrast of the sweetness from the yoghurt with the aroma of chicken from the chicken broth was rather interesting. While the yoghurt was the dominant taste, the little burst of chicken was a nice surprise and gave the pops a pleasant aftertaste. Most importantly, licking the frozen pops cooled me down instantly and I could barely remember the heat! 
Oh oh.. I swore I even got a couple of brain freeze moments!!!
Sadly, for the sake of my already-diminishing waistline, I had to stop after three awesome pops. 

On a good note, I am no longer dreading the hot long days for I know, when the heat comes, the pop comes. 
Woohoo~ Bring on the heat!
Mummy’s note: Yes, I tried this as well. I honestly did not enjoy the taste of the chicken broth with the yoghurt at all. It was just..weird. I would certainly skip the broth if I’m in mood to make some pops for humans. But that being said, Sam seemed to really love the taste of the frozen chicken pops… so whatever he says, goes.. 


  1. Hey Sam, I love reading your blog! Where's your favorite place to go in Singapore? I've lived here for 6 months now but man, I can't get used to the heat!


  2. Thanks Ruffles!!Hee, my favorite hangout now is K9 Kulture at Turf City. There's a awesome pool for us to cool and an air conditioned cafe for our parents to chill too! Do check that place out!


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