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Made with Love – Parsley Fresh Biscuits…

Mummy bought a couple of dog food cookbooks from Amazon a while ago. 
On the spur of the moment, she picked out the  “You Bake ’em Dog Biscuits Cookbook” and handed it to me.
I quickly glanced through (while drooling) and was in awe of the number of recipes and yummy treats available for dogs. 
Spontaneously, mummy asked me to pick one recipe for her to try. 
I was a little dubious. I mean, while Mummy has been pretty successful with the home made dog treats attempts, she isn’t exactly a baker (I shall not mention her recent failed attempt at baking macaroons…oops). 
For her sake (and mine more importantly), I carefully looked through the cookbook again and selected a relatively easy yet super yummy-sounding recipe – Minty Fresh Biscuits (p.105)! 
The recipe is pretty straightforward and the ingredients required are really basic.
Besides cookie cutters, all we needed were flour (all-purpose and wheat), an egg, milk, olive oil and parmesan cheese. The recipe called for mint flakes but we decided to replace it with parsley flakes since  we had that at home. 
And now we were all set to begin.
So I resumed my usual job and started providing moral support by staring.
Seriously, the recipe is so simple that even a kid could do it! 
Mummy started by preparing the dry and ‘wet’ ingredients separately, before finally mixing them together using her trusty kitchen aid.
Before long, the dough was done.
After some kneading and use of cookie cutters, the biscuits were ready to go into the oven!
In the oven they went…
After a good bake!
The recipe stated that the baking time is between 10 to 15 minutes or until the top starts to brown. However, mummy had to bake them for a good 20 minutes to achieve the desired state. In addition, to increase the shelf life of the biscuits, mummy left the biscuits in the oven (turned off) for a good 2.5 hours for them to harden further. (This cool tip was taught by the author!)

Hee, presenting our home-baked Parsley Fresh Biscuits! 
And yes, it comes in three little shapes – Big big bone, small little bone and Sam’s silhouette (kinda).
Posing with the lovely biscuits.
And I kid you not, the aroma of the biscuits was heavenly~~~ 
 Now for the most crucial moment – taste test.
I patiently await.
 Here I goooooooooo…..
 The biscuit was extremely crispy and savory! The biscuit was slightly salted (due to the parmesan cheese) and left a nice aftertaste.
The parsley taste, while faint, also added a level of freshness to the taste of the biscuit.
And yap, I was beyond satisfied.
I had a second, third, fourth helping and mummy had to stop me by quickly putting the remaining biscuits into an airtight container.
Apparently, once they are hardened, they could be kept up to a couple of weeks at room temperature.  
Good for me!
Oh oh..did I mention that the biscuits are good to improve bad breath? (Nope, I’m not saying I’ve bad breath..)
Hee, guess Mummy ain’t that terrible a baker after all. I shall challenge her to a tougher recipe the next time round.
Till then!
Mummy’s note: In case you are wondering, yes, I did taste some myself and while mostly tasteless, Sam’s description of the taste was pretty accurate. 

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