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Mummy bought a Zuny classic dog bookend for who-knows-what-reason and named it Zuny (Creativity at its best huh) . She explained that Zuny was meant to be a door-stopper, but since our contractor added a stopper on the main door, Zuny became jobless and a ‘white elephant’. 
Since then, mummy ‘rehomed’ Zuny and the little guy became a dust-collector shelf display.
We were never formally introduced and we pretty much minded our own business.
But, I always felt that he looked down on me (not just literally).
And for that, I was not pleased.
On a bright sunny afternoon, I decided that it was time to settle our scores. 
I tried convincing him to come down for a “discussion” but he completed ignored me.
Now what?
I had to get him down, myself.
Despite X attempts, Zuny just seemed to be able to evade my death grips jaws and I could not get him down.
Seeing how annoyed and frustrated I was, heroic mummy decided to step in and got Zuny down to the couch.
There, we had a heart-to-heart, real dog-to-leather dog chat and decided that we could be friends after all.
And all was good… (yes, we even held hands)
Oh oh… and guess what, I found a new purpose in life for Zuny – my foot rest.
Foot rest Friends forever yo?

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