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Sam around the house #1

Guess it’s finally time for me to show you around my HDB flat. 
I’m creating a new series called “Sam around the house” where I’ll introducing little parts of my new sty over a few blog posts. 
Hope you enjoy the series…
Today, I’m going to introduce you to…the BED!
As the bed unit didn’t come with any side tables and due to space constraints (making it difficult to buy an exact fit side table), mummy got her contractor to customize the side table. Unfortunately, there was only ample space to add one side table. No surprises to who’s sleeping on that side. =P
Anyway, I was anxiously waiting for the bed to arrive as I wasn’t around for the furniture shopping and didn’t know what to expect…
After two days of waiting and a little magic (aka laying the bedsheets)….
*Drum rolls*
Presenting the Swing bed from Grafunkt!
Also featuring mummy’s favorite Dachshund Pillows
Mummy selected her favorite shots from our photoshoot and using Canvas on Demand, she created a gorgeous centerpiece to the bed, eliminating the need for a headboard. To balance out the lack of side table on one of the bed, she decided to put my very cute portrait there. 
How perfect~

Isn’t my new bed just awesome?
I was still basking in the glory of the awesome and comfortable bed (almost zzz) that my parents bought for me until Daddy came and burst my little bubble declaring that the bed wasn’t mine and that I wasn’t even allowed on it!
I was about to burst into tears with disappointment. 
Mummy (who was laughing pretty hardly when she overheard the conversation) couldn’t resist my pleading face finally commented that daddy was just joking and that I was allowed free reign on the bed. 
Mummy and Daddy are really thoughtful and decided to get a low bed so that I wouldn’t get injured with my constant jumping on and off the bed. Due to the box-bed frame and a mattress that is less than 12″, the bed is no higher than 17″, making it a breeze for me up and down the bed. In addition, a box-frame also means that my silly toys won’t roll under the bed no more!
Though technically, it is my parents’ bed, I’ve pretty much claimed it as mine.
So if you are searching for me around the house, the best bet is to check the bed. Cos I’m almost always there! =P

 Time to zzz… nighty night!


  1. Sam!The centerpiece is pawesome! Aaaand….Yes… the big bed belongs to us too!I can see you feel very comfy there!Kisses and hugsLorenza


  2. Now you are making me want to crash into my soft and comfy mattress and have a good sleep. LOL! I was laughing the whole time I was reading your blog! ^___^ I hope you’d have more blogs that are just as entertaining as this.Twana Culver


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