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It’s Halloween…finally~

Hee, it’s finally Halloween and mummy decided to bring me out for my daily walk in my new costume, as well as to test if the costume was able to withstand Sam’s rascal ways. And guess what, it did!
Oh, and I decided to name him.. Mr. Pumpkin Head!
We decided to test it out in the dog park. (Lucky us managed to head down at a time when there were fewer dogs and all of them were also my friends! Plus, none of them tried to stripped me off my costume! Phew~)
And the testing begun with…an awesome game of fetch!

Check out how awesome Mr. Pumpkin Head did while I sprinted. 
Granted that he was a little off balance, but he sure did hang on tight. 
Kudos to you, Mr. Pumpkin Head!
We even smile in sync!
After a quick rest, we decided to put Mr. Pumpkin Head to one last test…

Sam’s Jack Russell Leaps!
I jumped,

and jumped,


And he just held on tight!
Well done, Mr. Pumpkin Head!!
This is indeed the best costume EVER!
Oh, the walk ended on an even more awesome note when I got a treat from another dog owner who thought I was trick or treating! 

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