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Sam’s Toy Review – Kong’s Traxx

On our recent trip to Petsmart, Mummy bought me yet another treat dispensing toy! (Hooray for Mummy!!) This time round, she chose one of our favorite brands – the Kong’s Traxx. I’ve had many toys, out of which kong toys have proven to be one of the toughest toys that had successfully resisted the S-monster! Let’s see if this stood up to the Sam- challenge! 

Hee, a plus point of the toy is that it is also a great tool to take really cute photos!

There is a depression in the middle of the tyre for mummy to insert the treats. Due to the odd shape, it was a little difficult finding treats that would fit in properly. Most of the treats just fell right out after mummy attempted to ‘stuff’ them inside the tyre. The best fitting treats turned out to be a square gummy that mummy bought from japan.
And so the challenge begins..
After some tossing…
and turning…
most of the treats fell right out. 

Except for one square yummy that fitted perfectly in the gaps of the tyre. Grrrr.. despite me violently flipping the tyre (somehow I even managed to flip it under the rug!), the gummy just refused to fall out.
I got it out of under the rug (with a little help from mummy) and decided to try biting the gummy directly instead.
I spent a good 5 minutes working on slowly nibbling on the treat before it finally gave way and popped right out.
Finally~ YES~
Since I am a really fast learner, the next time mummy gave me a treat stuffed tyre, I was able to get all the treats out real easy. I knew to nimble on the treats that didn’t fall out easily and didn’t have to waste much energy flipping the tyre around violently. 
Sam’s Review:
The toy is really durable and even after I bit on it several times, there were barely any scars on it. (Certainly strong enough to resist the S-monster.) However, mummy found it difficult to find treats that would fit nicely and honestly it wasn’t really that challenging for me as most of the treats fell out easily. YAWNs~ no kick~
Hence, it deserves….  3/5 sams.

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