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One little hike..

Since we covered the beach on our June trip to the west coast, my parents decided to embark on a different adventure this time and chose to go for a nice little hike. 
After some research, Daddy found a nice trail at the Pearson Arastradero Preserve. As not all trails are dog friendly, we had to drive a little further to get to one. But it sure was worth it!
Lucky for me, the weather was awesome.
Impatiently waiting for Daddy to grab a map at the visitors’ centre.

After selecting the trail, off we went. 
(Hee, grandmummy came along and she sure was well prepared to prevent getting tanned.)
The view was just breath-taking. (And the smells were great too.)

The trail we went on was shared by cyclists, foot hikers and even equestrian hikers! We were overtaken by a horse midway. That was quite a sight.

Stupid mummy just had to get a family photo. -_- Of course, I was too distracted to even pose.

Sigh, everyone else is just too slow for me. 

After spotting a squirrel at the fallen tree, I was trying hard to convince mummy to climb over the barb wire to the other side. Sigh, no surprise but my plot failed. boo~

After a good 45 minutes, we finally made it to the end of the hike.
Once I found a cool shaded spot, I was done. 
I had to be carried to the car and after a good wipe down, I crashed and fell asleep even before the car started. Boy oh boy, it sure was a great workout.
The down side – mummy found a tick (my very first tick) and a spider (my very first spider too!) on me after the hike. She was pretty spooked out by it, but after some flea/ticks protection and a bath, I’m officially tick and spider free. 

Nonetheless, it was absolute fun and I would do it again in a heart beat!

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