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My after-bath routine..

Like many dogs, I’m not exactly fond of being bathed. Unfortunately for me, mummy has a twice-a-month bath policy for me. (Sucks~)
While I dislike the bathing process, I detest the drying routine even more. Here’s how it goes. 
1. It begins with a quick attempt to dry me slightly using a microfiber towel, which was a gift for me from one of mummy’s house guest. While it’s a pretty small towel, it is pretty effective in drying my head, neck and butt area.

2. After the quick drying, I proceed to dry myself further using a beach towel.

3. Like a cat, I also try to groom myself dry. 

In the meantime, I would occasionally shoot mummy dirty looks to display my dissatisfaction. 

4. Once mummy opens bathroom door, I would proceed to dry myself even more on my parents’ beds. Rolling around the duvet has proven to be one of the best way to dry my coat. 

I roll.

And roll.

After maybe a good 10 minutes, and probably about 70% dry, I would proceed to the last step of my routine – Find a lovely warm corner and bake in the sun to dry. 

Finally dry and happy.
Till the next bath.

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