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Sam’s Toy Review – Starmark Treat Dispensing Chewball

I am well-known to destroy toys. Hardly any toys of mine can survive the S-monster. So, mummy and daddy are always on a mission to find me THE toy. So far, so not good. (*Evil laugh*)
Anyway, once again, Mummy and Daddy went toy shopping for me. This time, they bought me this amazing Starmark treat dispensing Chewball. Hee, mummy secretly told me that Daddy specifically chose it for me. (That’s a first!)
Stupid mummy kept taking endless photos that I started getting sleepy just waiting. 

She finally stopped and stuffed some treats into the ball.

Ready? On your mark? Get set.
And the fun begins. This was actually a little more challenging than the kong toy I already have. I love the texture of the toy and how it rolls around spilling treats. Of course, mummy had a heck of a time laughing at me chasing after the rolling ball around the carpet. 

The stupid ball even rolled under the bed. -_-

When I finally got all the treats out after 10 minutes, I was bone-tired. But oh boy, it sure was fun. 
Mummy was really pleased with the toy! She started putting my actual dried food and a few yummy treats hidden in the midst and I totally fell for it. (Yeah yeah~) And because of the toy, my diet has changed once again, for the better of course. 
It has been a good month since I received the toy and guess what, it’s still intact! Guess it passed the durability test of the S-monster! 
Sam’s review:
The toy is really durable and poses a good challenge for me initially. Unfortunately for mummy, the holes are a little big, thus spilling my treats out pretty easily. Plus, I figured out that by sticking half my mouth into the holes to break the bigger treats into smaller pieces, all the treats would fall out easily. (I’m pretty smart you know.) Hence,  it deserves….. 4/5 sams!

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