Pecan Woods, Sam Forest, Shelly Blackwood
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Moving on…

As much as we missed our little tripod, life still has to go on. Especially when you have three Jack Rascals to look after. #ahmaisstillsuperactive #shellyisthetroublemaker #Samisthebest

So in case you’re wondering how we’re geting by, we are proud to say that we are doing fine! #stillgettinglotsatreats #soourtummiesarehappy

We’ve pretty much returned to our usual routine of terrorizing our neighbourhood dog run! It’s a stone throw away from our place, so we’re pretty much there almost everyday!

Visiting pet cafes! We swung by the newly opened Menage Cafe

And of course, hung out at our favourite  I.N.U cafe! This is so near our place, we are there every week! Sometimes even twice a week. In fact, I’m so fond of this cafe that Mummy always jokes that if I ever got lost around here, I’m more likely to show up at the cafe door, than our own place. #thanksforthefaithah #butitstrue

Back to being dressed up by Mummy for god-knows-what-reason.But all is kinda forgiven, cos we actually do look really cute in the Ohpopdog outfits! #ownselfpraiseownself

The three of us are getting by pretty well. Well enough to snuggle in bed together.

Shelly has also become my personal pillow. #butsheisallmusclessothepillowabithard #iwillmakedofornow

We even made time to send our beloved granny for a dental scaling and extraction. Her breath was killing us and many of her teeth were starting to rot. #nokiddingman

It was quite difficult for Mummy to send Pecan to the vet, especially since we just lost Pips. But thankfully, the vet and vet nurses were amazing and Pecan did great! Thanks Jane, XiaoMei and Dr Huang from The Visiting Vets Clinic for taking great care of our ancient old lady. #sheis15

What we got rid off. They are now sitting somewhere in the house. #forwhatpurposeIalsodon’tknow #mummyisahoarder

Ah ma is as good as new now! Even better actually. Cos, she no longer has BAD breath! #bogaybuthappy

Oh, AND we celebrated Shelly’s 2nd birthday! Like really BELATED birthday. Poor Shelly, being the ‘fourth’ child, had her birthday totally overlooked by our ‘perfect’ Mummy. 

Shelly’s an April baby and Mummy somehow (in her own world) always thought that Shelly’s a July baby. She only realised her mistake when she went online to cancel Pips’ license and decided to check on Shelly’s license. #likeseriously #welldone #comeIclapforyou

So, she quickly (and extremely sheepishly) got Dionne from Barking Good to whip up a delicious cake for Shelly.  #betterthannothing

Happy Belated Birthday Shelly! #ourtummiesarehappyagain #twomonthsbelated #shittymummy

Just when we thought all is finally back to normal, good and happy, our itchy-backside Mummy decided to bring home yet another Jack. #overpopulationliao #shejustcannotstopatthree #omg #fml

Introducing Sherman Redwood, the newest member of the Loo Lim Household!

We’ll share more about him soon! But for now, oh boy, he sure is a handful! But a happy one we must say.#mummyiscrazy #daddyalsoiscrazy

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