Pecan Woods, Pippin Tree, Sam Forest, Shelly Blackwood
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Yap, we are still around

We know that this space has been awfully quiet for the past few months. There’s only ONE person to blame. #glaresatmummy

We’re a little worried that our fans (if any) is gonna give up on us soon. #thatexplainsourworriedfacesabove

Firstly, thank you if you’ve been faithfully popping in to check for updates. We really appreciate it.#happyandthankfulsmilesforeveryoene

Secondly, while this blog has been absolutely dormant, rest assured that our lives haven’t! Yap, Mummy has only been lazy in not updating this space. She is still as diligent as she used to be in bringing us around to our favourite spots. So do say hi (preferably with treats) if you bump into us! #hengsheis #elsewewillkillherwithourjudgyfaces#happyfacesfornow

Thirdly, we promise that we will be updating what we were up to for the past few months. Trust us, A LOT happened. You’ll probably already know if you’ve been following our instagram!#seelaneverfollowthat’swhyyoudon’tknow #follownowhor

Despite that, Pecan ah ma is still the queen of the household. And yes, we are still her minions. Though we suspect that Pippin has been plotting to overthrow the dowager.#pippinalwaysdisturbspecan #poorahma

That said, I am still the only boy (so it’s status quo for me and I am very happy about it). As for Shelly, she’s still the goofy little girl who is more concerned about her ball than her hierarchy at home. #simpleislikethatone

So, please hang in there! We’ll be back! SOON!!!

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