Pecan Woods, Pippin Tree, Sam Forest
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Our mini shoot with Joss

Mummy met a really nice (and extremely talented) intern, Joss, on her previous job. And lucky for me, Joss is a huge fan of mine. #theBHBsam #shesayiveryhandsome #ialsothinkiveryhandsome

So, when Joss asked if she could take some photos of us, we definitely had to say yes! #gotfreephotoswhowillsaynoone #someoneismyfanleh

We chose our favourite place on Earth, Tanjong Beach for the shoot. The photos in the entry are entirely shot and edited by Joss.#whysotalentedone #howcomeourmummysolousy

Do check out her instagram for other amazing photos. Meanwhile, enjoy our beautiful photos!#cosgotgoodlookingdogsasmodelsma #BHB

Did you call me?#myminiheadtilt

Pip’s FML face.

Pecan truly has gorgeous eyes.

Not the most glamourous..But hey, I was trying to get up hor.#abitfatla

The trio with Pips doing her model face. Again.#sopretendone

So much love!#spotthebridalshootbehindus

Pippin be like “when can I go home and sleep?”

Let me down Mummy! I need to impress the babe there.#pervertSam

Pips’ grumpy face.

Pecan, the grumpy Fairy Grandmother. 

Imaging how handsome I look.

Our shake-offs…

Ah ma really looks like a pup here.#she14liaohor

Pecan’s happy beach face.

Begging for food. #myfavouritepasttime

Pippin catching the last ray. #shemaybetripodbutsheisdamnfastone

Taking a break. #shenostaminaone

The Loo Lim Dogs.Paiseh, Pecan was distracted by the topless hunk, Pips not impressed, and me? Got bikini babe!

The annoying ladies of the Loo Lim household.#ionlyloveoneofthem #theothertwoIamstuckwiththem #nochoice

Last but not least, Pippin’s fairy-tale ending.#andtheuberunglammummy

Thank you Joss for the amazing photos. You really brought huge smiles to all of us!#happymummymeanshappydogs

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