Sam Forest
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Sam I am

Mummy always tell people that I am an ABCD, an American Born Chinese Dog. Cos, I was born in the United States! Not only that, I am actually a true-blue New Yorker!

Here’s how my story goes…

Daddy was posted to New York for a work stint and of course, Mummy tagged along. #noitisnottaitailifeitishousewifelife

Mummy has always wanted a dog (since she was a kid). So, there was no better time to have one when she has three years on her hands to kill in a foreign place. Hence, Mummy started researching about shaggy dogs and came upon Rough Coat Jack Russell Terriers. She also found a breeder (MeadowBrook Russell) in New York. And lucky her, there was a puppy available!

Yap, it was yours truly. WAHAHAHA..

The picture that sealed the deal!

Sam, at 7 weeks old

My parents drove an hour that very weekend to check on me and to speak to my breeder, Patti. They always said that I was a fraud. After all, I gave them tons of kisses when we first met. (Once I went home with them, all I did was nip them non-stop. No more kisses!) #socleverhor

Within a week, this adorable two-months old puppy became part of the Loo Lim household. 

Since Daddy paid for me, he had the honour of naming me. That’s how my name Sam Forest Loo Lim came about. He just thought that I looked like a Sam. Wow, really? #boringhor #daddyhasnocreativity 

I spent my childhood and teenage years, terrorising the streets of New York, including Times Square.

Mummy’s dog park friends used to call me Mayor Sam. Afterall, I love nothing more than getting involved in every single fight or commotion with the park. Plus, I walk with the airs of a boss.

Of course, this New Yorker got to travel around a fair bit.

I laid my paws on the Washington Monument, at DC.

Walked the Hollywood Boulevard.

Swam at the beach of Fiesta Island, San Diego. #thiswasdoggyheaven

And nearly died of heatstroke along the Las Vegas strip.

And the best part of the States, that I still miss dearly today – SNOW! #nothingsatisfiesmemorethanturningsnowyellowwithpee

After two and a half years of living in the Red Apple, my parents had to return home. Mummy engaged a pet relocation company and prepped for my journey to the little Red Dot. Trust me, it costed her a bomb. In fact, it cost more than her air fare back.

After months of preparing, on December 2012, I packed my bags and set sail on a three-day journey to my new forever country.

I flew via KLM and made a pit stop at Amsterdam (hehee, for you know what), before setting paws on Singapore. I survived 10 days in quarantine before being finally reuniting with my parents!

Well, so far, Singapore has been treating me pretty kindly. I got to terrorize dog parks regularly.. oh oh ..and roll in mud.

Swim, swim and swim!#onmyrescuemissions

Chill out at pet cafes.

Well, life was pretty sweet huh. While, it really is a happy ever after. Well, kinda….
Cos, she came along. #pffffffft

Anyway, that’s another chapter of my life for another time. Haiz.

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