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Our CNY treat!

As per our new tradition, the dogs will get a dog-friendly replicate of a festive human meal! 
We were extra looking forward to what yummy treat we were going to get this Lunar New Year. Seeing what a huge Yusheng fan Mummy is, we were actually a little worried that she is going to just serve us shedded raw veggies. 
BUT….. lucky for us, she got lazy and instead of whipping something up for us, she decided to order one from a dog bakery! So, she went ahead and ordered a special something from Superdog Kitchen  for us!
We were super excited when she told us it had arrived!
Me checking out the mystery package…
that was none other than a CNY Bak Kwa Tart!!!
Knowing that I am a huge Bak Kwa fan, Mummy knew I would absolutely love this tart. And she was so right!!
I had my first taste of Bak Kwa last CNY when Granddaddy decided to sneak me some. I was an instant convert. Needless to say, Mummy was really upset with Granddaddy as she knew how unhealthy it was to me. 
Despite that, I am such a Bak Kwa fan that I am always on the prowl for it. Each time someone in the house eats it, I would dart over from where ever I was just to give the person my ultimate death stare begging face. But too bad for me, no one dares to give me any. 
So, this tart is like the best thing ever! 
Firstly, it has my all time favourite food! Secondly, it’s dog-friendly and trust me, it tastes as good as the real thing! Best of all, I can have as many as I want!! 

I told Pecan ah ma all about it and she got pretty excited to try it out herself too!
Oh oh … it came with a little packet of Bak Kwa too!
YES, that means I get tons of Bak Kwa snacks over the next few days!
The tart is just so enticing that Daddy actually thought it was for him. 
HAHAHA..too bad for him. It’s OURS!
*Wriggly dance*
Thank you Mummy for the great buy!
AND Thankful Superdog Kitchen for giving me a taste of Bak Kwa once again!
Mummy’s note: I was pretty impressed as this was by far the best looking dog food that I’ve seen! It was so professionally baked that it could fool anyone! Besides looking great, it smelt awesome as well. I was really amazed that Sam actually ate the asparagus without spitting it out at all! That’s a first! I also love that the nice people at Superdog Kitchen even shared their recipes with their customers! So, now I know how to make Bak Kwa for fatty Sam. And I can do it anytime of the year! My only comment… it is a tad bit costly, but seeing how much the two little rascals loved it, I’ve to say that it’s really worth every single cent!

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