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Something came in the mail for us today!!
It’s…. dog tags!!!!
Well, Mummy decided to create some tags from her favourite Dog Tag Art (it’s based in USA, but shipping here is a flat rate!) for us. 
Actually, it was meant for Pecan, but I just hitched a ride and got some good out of it too!
Haha, kinda obvious which belongs to who right?
For ah-ma, Mummy chose existing designs that suited her personality!
For me, Mummy decided to customise one using my very own portrait!
Awesome isn’t it?
The foxy ah-ma posing with her new tag.
I’m showing off mine too!!
Nice as they are, they ain’t the cheapest tags around. Hence, Mummy spent a little more money to invest in a protective rubber rim that helps prevent the tag from getting scratched around the edges. Best of all, the cushion also acts as a silencer. Hence, if you have multiple tags on your collar, you won’t be haunted by the chinking sound!
Thoughtful huh!


  1. Lovely tags guys!! We love 'em and are now even thinking about investigating in our own self-designed tags! 😉 Thanks! Jessica, Charlie Boy, Roman and Brooke xxxx


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