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My grandmummy (Paternal) bought me a new outfit for the lunar new year. 
Unfortunately, while all the adults are absolutely amused by how cute I look in the outfit, I certainly wasn’t very happy.
I HATE wearing clothes. 
So, I was really pissy when mummy put it on. 

Throwing dirty looks at mummy.

Seeing how unpleased I was, mummy gave me a pep talk about the benefits of wearing the outfit – acting cute allows me to collect more ang baos containing $$!
She demonstrated by giving me my very first ang bao for the season. 
(Hee, but I decided to be cheeky nonetheless and thus stuck my tongue out.)

Okay, a more serious look.

After which, we went on to practice the new year greetings.

Once we were set, we started doing our rounds (house hopping) to collect ang baos. 
We started with my paternal grandmummy’s place.
Next, we headed to (maternal) grandma’s place.
Mummy decided to let me off my misery by taking off the outfit after I did my job (to earn my keep). 
Once so, I was free and happy to roam and was delighted to find tons of yummy food lying around. I was happily sniffing before mummy caught me in the act.
After a long and busy day visiting my grandparents, I was treated to my favorite activity on the way home – sticking my head out of a moving car!
The breeze was awesome!
Hee, hope you all have a great Lunar New Year too!

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