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Quick update!!

Sorry the lack of updates.
 (I blame it on mummy as her 1 year old Macbook Air had decided that it was time to retire forever.)

Anyway, I’ve made it safely to mummy’s homeland, Sunny little red dot – Singapore! 
I’ve also survived
A 6 hours flight to Amsterdam, followed by,
a 10 hours layover and nope, I didn’t have no brownies, I swear. *Grinz*.
And another 12 hours flight to Singapore.
After which, a 10 days quarantine at Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station (but I had frequent visitors thanks to grandmummy and Uncle, and mummy’s friends).
I’m also starting to adapt to the hot hot HOT weather in Singapore.
Dang, I am a survivor, indeed.
I’m not going to share much information about the pet transport company here as mummy was really disappointed with the amount of service she received for the amount of money that she paid for my ride. Well, let’s put it this way, my ride costs more than 2 round trip tickets from Singapore to NYC. (Yap, my parents are that insane.) Despite the bad experiences, I made it here in one piece and is currently chillaxing at my grandparents’ place. (Yap, I’m kinda Sam the King again after being treated like property for almost 2 weeks)
Surprisingly, I’m actually enjoying Singapore. There are tons of grassy areas and hugeeeee dog parks! Plus, I’m also resuming my swimming routine in an outdoor doggy pool!! Sounds like we will going to the beach and going for hikes pretty soon too. Hee, hooray to the outdoors!!
Well, that’s it for now. I promise to upload photos when I can. 
Till that.. happy sammy says ciao~

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