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My Fresh Patch Experiment…

I’m potty trained.. indoors. Which means, I do my little businesses (big & small) at specific areas in the apartment. Mummy lays little pee pads on both bathroom floors and that’s where I know I’m supposed to go. Every time after I go, I would ‘announce’ my achievement to my parents by jumping in front of them and wagging my tail. Mummy would then toss the pee pad that I went on before giving me a treat. After doing the math, my parents realized that per pee pad would cost them 20 cents. Not a lot, but it does add up. 
Upon some research, mummy discovered a clever product called Fresh Patch. Fresh Patch is a disposable dog potty that is made of real grass. It’s odor free and the urine gets absorbed easily. After a week or two of usage, it can simply be tossed away and a new patch can be ordered and delivered. Sounds cool? Hence, when mummy saw an offer on Fab.com, she decided to give it a try.
The patches are shipped out every monday and depending on which state you are in, the patches will arrive within a week. We got ours on a thursday. 
Introducing fresh patch!
Just claiming what belongs to me. 
It’s Mine, mine, MINE!

It really smells like fresh grass. 
(Maybe not that fresh since it has been in transit for 4 days.)

I was a tad bit apprehensive about the grass.

Sniffing to make sure it’s safe.

After some encouragement for mummy, I decided to step in.

“Are you sure it’s okay?”

Still a little unsure.

“So this is really mine?”

Mummy: “Yes.”
Okie, I accept.

Sounds exciting? 
Mummy was pretty excited and was hoping that this would replace the pee pads and reduce some cost.
Well… unfortunately, reality hurts. Not only did I not go on the fresh patch a single time, I started eating the grass. (LOL) So, after two weeks of experimentation, mummy decided that it was a failed attempt and decided to toss the patch away. 
Damn..there goes my afternoon snack. 
Guess we are back to my 20 cents pee pads~ 


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