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A happy day, a happy dog.

I know I said it a million times and I’m gonna say it a million times more. It’s the best place on Earth and there’s no where else I rather be on a lovely spring day! In fact, I went there everyday this week!!! woohoo~
Hee, anyway, mummy and daddy brought me there this weekend to toss some balls and just chill with some friends.
How do you know that Sammy is happy? 
When he just doesn’t stop smiling! And yap, I was certainly all smiles at the park!
Happy me chilling on the mat. Okay, just my paws. 
Happy me waiting to play football!

Happy and exhausted me after a good game.
Well, basically, mummy and daddy just tossed the ball between them and I would chase after it. The only time I get my teeth paws on it was when either of them dropped it. Pretty often I must say. =P

Just happy to be chilling on the grass.

Happily giving my paws in exchange for some yummy treats.

Happy me waiting for a stick.

Happy me destroying chewing a stick.

And lastly, just a real happy me.
What a day. 
A happy day, a happy dog.

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The top rascal of a gang of Jack Russells residing in Singapore!

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