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My Yummy Dinners

I am a really fussy eater. Since the blog post about my eating habits about a year ago, my diet has been changed numerous time. This time, I think mummy finally got it right. I’ve been eating this for the past 3 months and I’m certainly not complaining. 
Mummy prepares my dinner with love! She actually cooks a different protein (usually rotating between chicken breast meat and beef), tons of vegetables (carrots, corn and peas) and a stock to add a little taste. Occasionally I get a special ingredient depending on what she finds in the refrigerator that is dog-friendly. She then mixes them with my favorite dry food – Taste of the wild
And ta-dah~ My very own gourmet dinner. 
Hee, I love listening to how Daddy grumbles that mummy rather cooks for me than for him. (Now you know where Daddy stands in the family. *Gloats*
To make things easier, mummy cooks several portions each time. She then freezes the extras in individual zip loc bags and microwave a portion per day. After a while, we both agreed that this was not the most environmental friendly method around. Thus, to reduce my little carbon pawprints on earth, mummy invested in a set of Juvenile Solutions Baby Cubes to store the individual portions.
She chose the 2 ounces cube that comes with 8 little containers that are dishwasher and microwave friendly.
Time to distribute the individual portions. 
Today’s secret ingredient is… Crabstick. 
Yum yum. 

Mummy’s pretty good at estimating the portions and managed to pack the portions neatly into the little containers.

The best part of the cubes is that mummy can now save the delicious stock for me to savor. (Something that we couldn’t quite do with the zip loc bags.) 

After which, in to the freezer it goes. When it’s dinner time, one cube goes into the microwave for 30 seconds and wala~ it’s ready to be served. 
It’s really as simple as ABC.

And yap, that makes me a very happy boy.

I’m already waiting for my next dinner!

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