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My week @ the corporate apartment

As our actual apartment flooded, we were relocated to a corporate apartment in the building across the road while they fixed the floors. I was so excited about the apartment and fell in love with it immediately. Hee, as what my mummy would say, I was pretty much everywhere in the apartment. Well, that was my way of claiming what belongs to me. Anyway, here’s a quick walk-through of what I loved about the apartment. 
One of my favorite things about this apartment was that it was on the 4th floor, giving me an excellent street view. I could hear and see my dog friends on their walks. Occasionally, I would bark back to confuse them. I absolutely love how frantic they were when they tried looking for me. Hee.
The living room wasn’t as large as our actual apartment but the fabric couch was amazing! I would roll on, sleep on it and scratch my little paws all day long. Well, mummy on the other hand wasn’t exactly fond of it. After all, she was the one who spent an hour using masking tape to remove my fur. *Evil grin*

It was a huge bonus that the couch was located so near the dining set. Here’s my favorite position when my parents are dining at the table. This way I was at eye level and there was no way they could pretend to not see me when I beg for scraps. 
The arm rest on the couch was great for me to practice my ‘cat moves’.
Here’s the real reason why I adore the corporate apartment – the rug and carpet! The bedrooms were carpeted and there was this lovely rug in the living room. And yes, being the good boy I always am (*Smug look*), I did not have a single accident on the rug/carpet. Hopefully, I was able to convince my parents that they should buy some rugs for their sty. 
The bedrooms weren’t as spacious as well and could only fit a twin bed. Still, it was a gorgeous and comfortable bed!!!

Honestly, I kinda preferred the little side table. That would give me a better view of the apartment and the street below.

Sigh, it was such a bum when our actual apartment was ready and we had to moved back. No more rugs and carpets. Oh well, I’ll make do. 

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