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Little Sammy

Mummy found some puppy photos of me and could not stop sighing about how cute I used to be. Sigh. Is Mummy implying that I’m not as cute as I was ?

I used to get stopped at every junction and crossroad by strangers who think that I was the cutest thing in the world. Not to brag, but there were several times when people even offered to buy me over. I’m pretty sure Mummy and Daddy even secretly discussed what the price was if they were to accept the offer. (Mummy thought I was priceless. Awww~, but stupid Daddy was more than glad to let me go at cost price. Dang you.)

Now? Well, I still get the occasional coos and ahhs from people (especially tourists) but I do think that reality hurts and there is just too much competition out that in the streets with annoying new puppies popping up every day. Oh well, too bad for me.

Despite all that, I’m sure mummy still loves me for what I am. (Right Mummy?) And I know, what I lose in cuteness, I gain in charming-ness. I am one hell of a handsome young dog. (Yeah, with an ego that’s even bigger than the 12lbs I am as well)
Don’t you think so?

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