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My name is…

Well, Mummy gets tons of questions regarding why I am called Sam and why my middle name is Forest. To save Mummy some saliva and time, here’s how the story goes.

After falling head over heels with me on first sight, Mummy and Daddy went on a puppy name search. Mummy (being a huge fan of South Park and Family Guy) came up with two really ‘creative’ names, Stewie and Butters. However, Daddy refused, thinking that it would be really lame. (Well, I wonder how different life would be if I was named after a cartoon character.. Hm, I would probby get laughed at by the other dogs. Phew~ I owe Daddy one on this!) After some debate (pretty one-sided though), Daddy who was totally fixated on the name Sam won. His rationale? He just thought I looked like ‘Sam’. -_- Eventually, Mummy craved in, and here I am, Sam I am.

Guess the story behind my middle name was somewhat more meaningful.

My middle name was thought by my god dad! Here’s the formula:
Sam = 阿森
Lim = 林
So, Sam Lim = 森林
And 森林 = Forest

How about ‘Loo’? Well, since mummy was the one registering me at various places such as the daycare and the vet, the places simply assumed that my last name was Loo. The american culture is such that married women tend to adopt their husbands last name. Thus, the places assumed that Loo was Daddy’s last name as well. So, I was being acknowledged as Sam Loo. Guess that gave mummy and daddy the inspiration to add ‘Loo’ onto my name. (Sucks to have a long name, can you imagine how much time is wasted writing it down!)

Anyway, so there you go. That’s the ‘story’ behind my name, Sam Forest Loo Lim!

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