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It’s 2017!

Okay, technically we’re one day late. #blameitonourlazymummywhoprocrastinatedforthepasttwodays But hey, better late than never right? So here goes.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2016 didn’t treat us too badly.  But we sure hope 2017 will be even more smooth-sailing. #pawscrossed Go have a blast people! #don’tforgettocomebackandreadourbloghor


Best way to start of a new year? Drink a some booze~~ Okay, fine. Apple Cider. (Hey, it’s still the same alcoholic level k) Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! We are keeping our paws crossed for a whole year of adventures, mischiefs and awesome food!

Merry X’mas!

Mummy whipped out the old reindeer ears we have (we bought it from Macys) to get us ready for some festive photo taking.  Unfortunately for her (and lucky for us), we only have one pair. Thus, to determine the better candidate to don the piece, we both have to first model it. Who makes a better reindeer? (Chants: Pecan! Pecan! Pecan!) This was one competition that I wanted Pecan ah-ma to win.  Why? Cos winning means you have to wear the stupid ears. Yucksss. Hence, I was overjoyed when my parents thought that Pecan looked cuter in it. (I think her non-stop turbo tail wagging sealed the deal.) BUT… just when I was still gloating over her win, Mummy, out of nowhere, pulled out a hideous elf hat and put it on me. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. Of course, I wasn’t very happy. -_- Yet, this was nothing a couple of treats can’t fix.  So I put on my best smile for the shot of the night.  Too bad Pecan didn’t get the memo that she needs to …