Pecan Woods, Pippin Tree, Sam Forest, Shelly Blackwood
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Our Christmas outfits!

Christmas is around the corner!

And we got our very first X’mas presents – From Mummy of course.#mummypaidforit #sowearestillexpectingapresentfromdaddyTa-dah~

The Zee.Dog Rudolph Collection

Can you guess who gets what? #soeasylor

Here goes!Did you get it right?#Iamnotsteppingonshelly #weareholdinghands

We love how the harnesses really look like christmas sweaters. And since our mummy is a huge fan of matchy-matchy stuff, she is extremely pleased by how this turned out! #okaylagottoadmitweactuallylookprettygoodinthis

Little Pips with her bow-tie! #pippincannotwearaharnesscosherlittlearmwillpopout 

Since Shelly has a bigger head, Mummy bought her a bigger bow-tie instead.

Sam and his christmas sweater, I mean harness. #ohyaourchristmastreeupgradedtoo

Though I am quite a fair bit bigger than Pecan ah ma (She’s 5.3kg while I am 6.7kg, on a good day), we actually wear the same size!#icanfitanSleh

Don’t we just look Christmas card ready?

Thank you Mummy for the presents! Now we have something to wear for our christmas parties! And trust us, this will be something our parents will be recycling year in and out.#wejustneedmoreinvitations 

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