Pecan Woods, Pippin Tree, Sam Forest
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Pippin’s first illustration

We know that Mummy is kinda obsessed with customising stuff. With the new addition to the family (Meet Pippin Tree if you haven’t), Mummy very conveniently found yet another excuse for her ridiculous shopping spree!#mummyreallyisashopaholic #hopelesscase #ipitydaddy

One of her first purchases was none other than Pippin’s very first illustration. We’re really excited and can’t wait to see what she got for her!


……The little girl was not impressed. At all. #whydoesshelooklikeahusky #theredpartisnotpippin’sbackside #itisdaddy’shand #don’tanyhowthink

Of course, evil mummy had a good laugh at how the illustration turned out. In fact, she loved it so much that she decided to go home and get one done for me and Pecan. #ohman #shejusthadtodothis #shereallyistoomuchmoneydon’tknowwheretospend

Here goes.

How I felt when I saw it….

Lastly… Ah ma.

Somehow Pecan’s illustration turned out pretty decent. #lifenofair

So the pleased old lady had the final laugh.

Yap, clearly, two out of three of the Loo Lim dogs were less than impressed. #lifereallynofair #mummydiediejusthadtoshoweveryoneandletthemlaugh

But Mummy could care less, cos she really couldn’t stop laughing at the illustrations.
In case you’re keen to get these illustrations done for your pets, you can get it here.

PS: The big eyes were done on purpose. It’s the artist’s style.

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